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Qualified foreign labor for Production and Industry

Tasks within production and industrial companies are many and varied. Many Danish production and industrial companies are currently experiencing major problems in being able to recruit unskilled labor, as many Danes in these years are being qualified or further educated. But even though an increasing part of the production and industry sector is being automated in these years, there are still many companies that need manual labor for, among other things, the production and industry sector. At Baltic Workforce, we are experts in recruiting foreign labor for Danish production and industrial companies, and there are many advantages to using foreign labor in your production and industrial company.

Save 20-30% on your fixed payroll expenses

At Baltic Workforce, we know how important it is for a company to be profitable, and that is precisely why there can be a lot of money to be saved by using foreign labor. When you work with us, we can in many cases ensure you a saving of up to 30% of your fixed salary costs, without you having to compromise on the service you provide. There are many ways you can legally lower your payroll expenses, so if you are looking for cheap but reliable labor, get in touch with us right away!

Get extra flexibility with skilled temps

Many industries in Denmark, including production and industrial companies, are very cyclical and therefore there is an increasing need for reliable and not least flexible labor because when the wheels of the factories get going, the warehouse becomes extra busy. Precisely for this reason, many Danish companies, with good reason, choose to make use of Eastern European temps for shorter or longer periods. Baltic Workforce is known for having the best and most efficient employees in production and industry. So if you are missing skilled and hardworking production and industry employees who have their heads down and their hands screwed right on, it’s us you need to talk to.

Our employees, who mainly come from Lithuania, Poland and Romania, all undergo a thorough screening process, where both competencies, language skills and references are thoroughly examined. Thanks to our many years of experience in Eastern Europe, and our strong networks, we can provide competent and tailor-made labor for your company.

If you yourself are looking for a skilled and hard-working employee for your production and industrial company, contact us today and let us help you find the right candidates for the job.


Contact us on tel. +45 70 23 53 70 or write to us at info@balticworkforce.com and hear more.